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Our Services

Virtual Staging

Show the potential of a vacant, outdated or unfinished room with our virtual staging services.

Image Enhancement

Add green grass to the exterior, remove items from a kitchen, add a blue sky and more with this service.

Floor Plan Edits

Redraw the floor plan with an attractive, eye-catching design.

Client Testimonials

"The phenomenal service at Picture It cannot be beat. The virtual staging is exactly what I was looking for, with quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing.
Robert W.
"I've used Picture It for most of my real estate photography projects - the edits are perfect. World-class service from the team at Picture It."
"I have tried virtual staging in the past and nothing has come close to the quality that Picture It provides. The service is quick and the results are stunning. Highly recommend."
Suan L.

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Example #1

Virtual Staging Example - Furniture Removal

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Example #1

Example #2

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